District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility


VEIC District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility

Location: Washington, DC
Owner / Client: Vermont Energy Investment Corp:    DC SEU
Project Goals: Contracting Goals:

  • 50% Certified (Small) Business Enterprise (CBE)
  • 35% Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Employment Goals:

  • 51% District Resident New Hires
  • 35% Apprenticeship Hours for District Residents

Green Job Goals:

  • Vary for each Fiscal Year

The District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DC SEU) helps District residents, businesses, and institutions save energy and money through energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Led by the Sustainable Energy Partnership and under contract to the District Department of the Environment (DDOE), the DC SEU is committed to environmental preservation, community engagement, and economic development. The Sustainable Energy Partnership consists of a team of eight (8) seasoned, local collaborative organizations that collectively bring together leadership in energy efficiency, renewable energy, program planning and implementation and local community networks.

L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. (LSC), one of the eight Teaming Partners is also retained to implement mandated contracting and employment compliance requirements, and to assist Project subcontractors in complying with DDOE, DC Department of Employment Services (DOES), District Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) and the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor (ODCA) regulations.

Specific strategies were established and implemented to include:

  • Conducting Contracting and Employment Compliance trainings to educate participants on requirements and introduce documenting and reporting procedures as required by the District.
  • Tracking and monitoring of all contracting and employment activity on the project while working closely with local District agencies.
  • Developing a Workforce Development Program to train and provide employment to District residents in the area of energy efficiency.
  • Providing ongoing technical training to Subcontractors on the LSC Secure Online Reporting System
  • Compiling all Fiscal Year contracting and employment compliance data received from Subcontractors to confirm green job hour and contracting goal attainment achieved and audited by DDOE.
  • Routinely meeting with Agencies, DC SEU Teaming Partners and Subcontractors to ensure that project goals are met.
  • Maintaining an accurate account of contractor’s certification status to guarantee that DC Department of Small and Local Business Development CBE/SBE participation goals are met.
  • Conducting a thorough investigation of any/all reported complaints pertaining to any DC SEU Project and facilitating the restitution process, as applicable.

Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Panels on Roof