Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Building


Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Building

Location: New Carrollton, MD
Owner: U.S. General Services Administration
Client: Bechtel Park Towers Metro View Associates, L.L.P.
Project Goals:

Contracting Goals:

  • 40.8% Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • 22.1% Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE)
  • Women-Owned Small Businesses Enterprise (WBE)

Turner Construction Company (Turner), saw a need to utilize L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. when confronted with the necessity to expand their Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program on the construction of the new $121 million dollar Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Building in Lanham, Maryland. LSC was brought in to review Turner’s existing program, develop outreach mechanisms to assist in identifying disadvantaged firms for targeted contract opportunities, develop economic development programs, in this case a Contractor’s College, and assist in overall implementation of their contracted DBE Plan. The programs and methods developed and implemented by L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. on the IRS project led to the achievement of the highest S/SD/SWOB participation level in GSA history. L. S Caldwell & Associates, Inc. contributions to the Internal Revenue Service National Headquarters Building Project included:

  • Planned and implemented a Procurement Information Trade Fair in a three (3) week period; targeted to potential M/WBE contractors and well attended by over three hundred (300) contractors. The Fair was responsible for the identification of the majority of targeted firms awarded contracts on the Project.
  • Coordinated the efforts of Prime Contractors and various construction associations and organizations toward DBE identification and development of successful DBE relationships.
  • Attended pre-construction conferences (with special attention given to those contracts containing DBE goals) to clarify requirements for Condition of Award to DBE contractors and respond to questions concerning the DBE programs and services.
  • Provided instruction on monitoring DBE performance and compliance with local, state and federally mandated guidelines as a Commercially Useful Function on projects.
  • Counseled DBE firms on specific training and workshop programs available through the Turner Construction Company and project related assistance programs.
  • Developed and implemented the Technical Assistance Program to inform small, minority and women-owned construction firms of the services available to assist in their certification as DBE contractors.
  • Developed the first Contractors College for Turner’s Mid-Atlantic Territory, inviting area business organizations and associations to serve as co-sponsors as a demonstration of their commitment to the small, disadvantaged business community.
  • Created and implemented the Executive Breakfast for the introduction of Turner to area small businesses and to conduct “nuts and bolts” discussions with firms as potential subcontractors for the IRS project.

Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Building | New Carrollton, MD