Maritime Plaza Exterior

Maritime Plaza


Maritime Plaza

Location: Washington, DC
Owner: Washington Gas
Client: Lincoln Property Company / Manhattan Construction
Project Goals:

Contracting Goals:

  • 35% Minority Business Enterprise/Protected Class (MBE/PC)

Employment Goals:

  • 51% DC Resident New Hires
  • 35% Apprenticeship Hours for District Residents

Maritime Plaza was a Joint Venture between the developers Washington Gas, a member of the Washington business community for over 150 years, and Lincoln Property Company, a national real estate development firm. Adjacent to the Washington Navy Yard on the Anacostia River, the development of a planned office park that included 750,000 square feet of office space in four (4) buildings and a 250-room hotel.

For this project, the developers committed to a contracting participation goal of 35% Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Protected Class (PC) business utilization and an employment goal of 51% of new positions going to District residents. Washington Gas, Lincoln Property Company and Manhattan Construction, the construction manager, engaged L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc.’s services to assist in developing and implementing contracting and employment compliance programs to achieve the specified goals. The $28 million first phase of Maritime Plaza completed in August 2001 with at least 35% of the project contracted to MBE/PC businesses.

Within scheduled guidelines, L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. also completed the following tasks:

  • Developed contracting compliance program and implementation plan.
  • Worked with Washington Gas and Lincoln Property Company’s legal departments in reviewing all covenants to ensure the contracting program is compliant with applicable laws and company policy.
  • Developed report documents for subcontractor submission to the developer that provided data to support contracting requirements.
  • Developed handbook for prime contractors and subcontractors that included necessary documents, e.g. subcontractor vendor request forms, tracking data input forms, etc.
  • Provided guidance in negotiating employment agreement with the D.C. Department of Employment Services and developed an equal employment opportunity compliance program and implementation plan.
  • Developed in collaboration with Washington Gas, Lincoln Property Company and the construction manager, all required monthly and quarterly contracting and employment forms and reports; and provided training to instruct those individuals completing these reports to ensure data is collected and reported accurately.
  • Analyze eligible contracts/dollars to determine MBE/PC business availability based on contract sizes, packaging, bonding requirements, subcontractor responsibilities, etc..
  • Provide guidance in developing, coordinating and facilitating community and business employment and contracting outreach efforts via events, advertising, media, etc.. Assist in identifying and informing businesses and the residential community; professional and technical, construction, suppliers, retail, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, wholesalers and distribution firms, of the project’s contracting and employment program, its benefits and available opportunities.
Maritime Plaza Exterior

Maritime Plaza Exterior