Villages at Dakota Crossing - Pulte Homes | Project Completed: 2010

Villages at Dakota Crossing – Pulte Homes


Villages at Dakota Crossing – Pulte

Location: Washington, DC
Owner: Fort Lincoln
Client: Pulte Homes
Project Goals:

Contracting Goals:

  • 35% Certified Business Enterprise (CBE)

Employment Goals:

  • 51% District Resident New Hires
  • 35% Apprenticeship Hours for District Residents

Dakota Crossing is a new construction town homes project recently completed in early 2010 within the Fort Lincoln New Town Development located at Fort Lincoln Drive, South Dakota Ave., 31st Place and 33rd Place in Northeast Washington, D.C

L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. (LSC) was retained by Pulte Homes to be responsible for full contracting and employment compliance.  Our tasks began with compliance program development, implementation, continued with documentation  tracking and monitoring of efforts and concluded with full reporting of goal achievements.

LSC performed the following tasks which were carried-out through the completion of construction:

  • Development of the CBE participation program and implementation plan.
  • Coordinated the efforts of the developer with CBE identification and development of successful CBE relationships.
  • Worked with local community organizations and business associations to ensure specific commitment and economic development benefits occurred within the local community.
  • Analyzed eligible contracts/dollars to assist in determining contract sizing, packaging, subcontractor capability and availability.
  • Provided instruction to the developer and all project contractors regarding tracking and reporting efforts to reach employment and contracting goals.
  • Monitored and tracked reporting requirements for all trades that had specific contracting and employment goals.