WestEnd 25

WestEnd 25


WestEnd 25

Location: Northwest, Washington, DC
Owner: Vornado
Client: Charles E. Smith
Project Goals:

Contracting Goals:

  • Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) 35%

Employment Goals:

  • District Resident New Hires 51%
  • Apprenticeship for District Residents 35%

WestEnd 25
is located at 1229-1231 — 25th Street, NW Washington DC.  It was originally a plot of land containing two, 6-story office buildings. The buildings and land were purchased from the Bureau of National Affairs on August 8, 2007 by Vornado/Charles E. Smith. The completed development will be a 10 story luxury apartment building that contains 283 units of which 276 are planned at market rate and 7 affordable units.  The redeveloped building sits on top of an existing two-level, 98,000 SF parking garage, suitable to accommodate up to 231 parking spaces. 

L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc.
was retained by Vornado/Charles E. Smith to assure outreach and participation in project planning and implementation; subcontracting and employment opportunities for Washington DC businesses and residents. Throughout the duration of the project L. S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. is responsible for:

  • Developing, implementing, monitoring and reporting for the Contracting and Employment Compliance Program.
  • Liaise with DC government to negotiate contracting goals for the Developer.
  • Analyzing budget items for CBE participation.
  • Developing and implementing a CBE Outreach Program.
  • Holding Executive Briefings and Subcontractor Training Workshops.
  • Tracking and monitoring contract awards and project expenditures.
  • Weekly strategic meetings with the Owner/Developer and General Contractor, as needed, on contractor issues.
  • Providing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for submission to DC government.

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