St. Elizabeth’s Central Utility Heating Plant


Central Utility Heating Plant

Location: St. Elizabeth’s West Campus, Washington, DC
Washington Gas Energy Systems
Client: Honeywell/Washington Gas
Project Goals:

Construction Goals:

  • 3% SDB                  
  • 3% WBE                
  • 1% SDVOSB          
  • 0.5% HUBZone SB   
  • 0.5% SDVOSB         

Renovate and expand the existing Central Utility Plant (CUP) at the St. Elizabeths West Campus, which will include an on-site Combined Heating and Power (CHP) Plant component capable of Cogeneration supporting Homeland Security’s Headquarters (DHS), including the headquarters for all DHS satellite agencies.

Together with Washington Gas Energy Systems (WGES) and US General Services Administration (GSA), LSC established nontraditional strategies and implemented the following:

  • Presented and received approval from GSA to set-aside a significant segment of the Project for local small business.
  • Planned and implemented outreach events directed towards the local Ward 7 and 8 small businesses to bid on constructing CUP Project’s Electrical Vault.
  • Assisted three (3) local companies, 1 from Ward 7 and 2 from Ward 8 to compete in the final presentation to build the CUP Project’s Electrical Vault.
  • The successful Ward 8 construction company for the Vault construction award went on to receive a second contract to perform additional work at the CUP from WGES.
  • Part of the contract awards criteria for non-small business 1st tier contractors was the number of pre-committed small businesses who were awarded subcontracts.
  • A total of thirty-one (31) small businesses participated in the construction of the CUP Project.
  • Small Business Participation on the project far exceeds the eight (8) percent goal, providing thirty-five percent (35%) of the Project value approaching Fourteen Million Dollars ($14,000,000).